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Board of Directors

Board Chair Julia Dudley Najieb

Board Treasurer Charles Francis

Board Co-Treasurer Rona Ledermann

Board Member Dr. Carolyn Drake

Museum Director of Operations

Gregory Melancon

Do you have an interest in becoming a part of the AAHCMSJV Board of Directors? Great! Please look at some of the basic criteria for those who would like to serve:

1. Must already be a member of the AAHCMSJV

2. If served in prior years, must be honorable term(s) served (i.e. no resignation, board vote termination, employee firing)

3. Willing to raise or provide $1,600.00 year individually toward the Museum

4. Preferably no felonies within the last five years

5. Able to provide a specific expertise toward the current AAHCMSJV Board of Directors

6. Within the application periods: Sept 1 - Dec. 1 and April 1 to June 1

7. Must live in the Central Valley and able to attend 80% of the monthly meetings

8. Conflicts of interests (i.e. AAHCMSJV staff member, spoken ill-will of organization to public, immediate family member already serving, etc.)

9. Be willing to be interviewed by the current board members